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Meet the Photographer

Born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1992 in a traditional Orthodox family. Taron Moses moved from Armenia to the Netherlands in 2009.

During his study and internship in the studios of FotoVakSchool, he made his first attempts as a photographer, inspired by how creative masters documented the society of their time. 

Taron Moses is a creative director and photographer based in Amsterdam. His work is known for its focus on details, light, composition and direction of people, often resulting in images with a cinematic story and a exclusive character. Taron skill is primarily to capture the moment and bring out humanity in its subjects. 

With over 12 years of experience in the media industry, Taron Moses has honed his craft and established himself as a sought after photographer. 


His passion for capturing the essence of humanity through his lens has garnered recognition from clients and peers alike.


Whether it's capturing the perfect portrait or telling a story through a series of images, Taron's unique perspective and approach to photography sets him apart from the rest. He takes pride in working closely with clients to understand their vision and bring their ideas to life.


Taron's work has been featured in various exhibitions and galleries, showcasing his versatility and range as a photographer. He continues to push the boundaries and experiment with new techniques, always striving to create images that are both impactful and timeless.


His portfolio includes a diverse range of subjects, from portrait photography to editorial shoots and commercial projects. Taron is dedicated to capturing the world around him in a way that is both captivating and truthful.


With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the art of photography, Taron Moses is a true master of his craft. Whether you're looking for a creative director or a photographer for your next project, Taron is sure to bring your vision to life in stunning fashion.

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